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Wrong mail and number

For the past two weeks I have been receiving a constant stream of e-mails from several auto-shipping companies in the US sending quotes to a so-called Kassandra Me to ship her Chevy Tahoe from Ohio to Texas, and it has been driving me up the wall. Finally one came through today which included a phone […]

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Some people should step away from the computer

I ALWAYS KNEW I WAS DOING IT WRONG (sorry for the caps lock). The mind boggles; if you are really so sorry for having left your caps lock on when leaving a static comment on a blog post that you would type “(sorry for caps lock)”, how about going back over the 8 words you […]

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Fake L4D Achievements

At some point a few people on LIGS started throwing around ideas for fake L4D achievements, since we were playing the game a lot at the time. I can’t remember how it started, but I happened upon the contributions I made to the topic while looking through my hard-drive for some files, and figured I […]

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Time to remove old kernels

My laptop was refusing outright to start this morning reporting a rather extreme kernel panic before even attempting to mount the encrypted logical volume, which is, of course, exactly what you want to see first thing when you arrive in the office and have no engineer on shift with you to cover things while you […]

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Faster Than Light

FTL: Faster Than Light, is a space-ship management simulator that is widely referred to as “rogue-like” and has been gaining popularity recently, with good reason. You are at the helm of a Federation ship in possession of plans to save them from a rapidly approaching Rebel Fleet which is trying to catch up with you […]

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Not often that I remember my dreams

This one, however, managed to lodge itself in my brain. The short of it, I was woken up for work late, and rushed to get in the car and drive to work. For whatever reason though, the road to work went via a dirt track that I used to use to get to school in […]

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Squeezing out the memory

I have a couple of rented VPS, one of them for running a Minecraft server and the second one a very basic, 128Mb RAM for $10 a year one, that I wanted to run Nagios on for monitoring a few webpages and game servers. Previously, I was running this on the same server as Minecraft, […]

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BBC News and the Misleading Headlines

Actually this should probably be titled “BBC News and the Blatant Shameless Lies”, and would probably make for a better paperback release. I recently commented that BBC News was my former resource as far as news of the world was concerned, and that still remains mostly true. However, there are times when giving Silvia breakfast […]

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KDE – No Banshee in Notification Tray

This hardly warrants an entry, but it’s a simple one to fix that was irritating me for a long time. Go to Edit, Preferences, Extensions, Utilities, and add a tick in Notification Area Icon (which will remove the tick from Sound Menu Integration). Dur…

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Getting Wireless working after 11.10 Kubuntu upgrade

Perhaps one of the better uses of this blog would be to make myself mental notes for the future when it comes to fixing problems, since whenever I stumbled upon them 6 months down the line I’ve completely forgotten what I did the first time round to fix them, and have to spend another couple […]

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