Many moons ago there, among the swirling mists of data, there lived a webpage by the name of www.kassidy.net, burdened with the task of harbouring the random musings and creations of a certain individual with a sometimes unhealthy disposition for the bizarre and eccentric. Much to the author’s dismay, the day came when a clerical error hit the site like a lead-filled kipper, and it was taken over by the Domain Ransom Monkeys, asking the paltry sum of $999 for its release. Which would explain quite well why it is still in their power. The name lived on, however…

Kassidy M Kearey, also known as kassidynet in some circles (because it’s rare that “kassidy” is ever free as a username), is a British born, Spanish raised, multi-faceted entity living in Buckinghamshire, England, often seen brandishing a camera, guitar, fountain pen, black trenchcoat and hat (but not all, necessarily, at the same time). He’s also a tad bonkers.

He currently works for a company in Marlow called SpinVox, who specialise in Voice-to-Screen messaging solutions, as a multilingual network operations incident manager. In his spare time he also designs and maintains websites, having a heavy involvement in particular with the Seikens Network, partakes in the joys of photography (you’ll see some of his photos on this page… if you refresh, you’ll get even more), music (primarily guitar) and video editing.

He also likes cheese.

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