Mepis just gets better and better

In view of recent events, the next blog entry I write should really be about the growth of my family, but that’s the sort of thing that I need to sit down and write about when I have a brain that is not full of mashed potatoes and work-related madness. So instead I’m going to ramble on in a tone bordering on excitement about the latest version of my personal favourite operating system, Mepis Linux 8.5.

I can’t quite remember how being introduced to Mepis came about, but it must have been around version 6 (so somewhat late), and since then I have been shamelessly peddling and plugging it to just about anyone who mentions the words “hate” and “Windows” in the same sentence, which turns out to be around about 90% of the people I encounter on a day to day basis. Why you may ask? It boils down to this:


Yes, that’s it. Very loosely, chuck the CD in, boot it, and you’re up and running, it’s that simples. I have had very rarely encountered any cases where it fails to recognise and correctly use a PCs hardware out of the box. It actually handles my Soundblaster X-Fi better than Ubuntu 9.10 when I tried installing it recently (that is to say, it actually recognises it, a feat the latter failed miserably). And it comes with just about all the software you need to get on with basic home office tasks, which is incredible when you contrast with a Windows solution (get the OS installed after you’ve paid for it, then go out and buy Office or download OpenOffice, but only after you’ve installed a proper browser and not that pile of turd Internet Exploder…), and although this is similar to many other distros that have come out lately, Mepis still manages to shine, from my point of view, for consistently providing the best applications out of the selection out there.

Not only that, but releases occur after it has been proven rock solid. Now I can only say this in comparison to co-workers who have been using Ubuntu, but I’ve only ever had to reinstall the OS when a major version upgrade occurs (such as now with 8.5), whereas I have seen some of them reinstall the same version up to 4 times due to instability issues. Plus I don’t want to be upgrading a major version every 6 months!

With this most recent installment not only am I getting a stable install first go (and still in beta2), I’m getting lots of shiny, which is good. Not just eyecandy, but functional shiny too!

Rant cut somewhat short from brain melt and snow. Oh, and leaves on track.

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