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“I’m sorry, I thought I walked in to a pub!”

I’m starting this entry without a title in the, with all probability, misguided hope that one will pop into existence like a pound coin among the sofa cushions just when you need one for the Asda trolley later that day. I’m making sure I don’t hold my breath though. Most blokes, and I use this word intentionally […]

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Pram pram pram pram pram pram pram pram…

We had a visit today from Nicky and the Grills, motivated in part by the delivery of a pram/push-chair that Mrs Vader bought us nearby where Nicky lives. Very fun visit, lots of laughs. Afterwards came the trial assembly of the pram in question. Now I’m no stranger to assembly and strange Ikea-like instructions, but […]

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Kassidy – Supermassive Black Hole (MUSE cover)

Supermassive Black Hole Original by Muse from the album Black Holes and Revelations Cover by Kassidy — DISCLAIMER! —- Copyright

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